Jeneane Anderson and another public land buck
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California Field Photo Page #2
Dwayne and Robin Mills with a couple nice public land bucks taken during the 2004 season in Trinity County.
Dwayne Mills sent in this photo of his son Andrew with his first buck taken on public land in Trinity County
Paul Trouette with a bunch of great blacktail bucks he and his hunting party took during this years stormy weather, in Mendocino National Forest
Ben and Paul Tarap took both of these great bucks on a ranch in Napa county
Deber Dodd killed this huge Pacific fork on the Shamrock Ranch in Laytonville.
Andy Balistreri's took this big 4x3 in 2004 near Covelo
Bryan Taylor took this 3x3 early in the 2004 rifle season, he measured 25" wide 17" tall and field dressed at 135 lbs.
Tad Thorton also took this blacktail buck on public land during the 2004 b-zone season.
Tad Thornton had this to say about arecent hunt. "Here a pic of my bigest buck ever. I got this big boy friday the 22nd. I shot him right at 5:00 p.m in Siskiyou county ( first time ever in Siskiyou county) he is a 20 inch 3x3 with eyegaurds ( one of the eyegaurds is split and has a sticker point off of the same eyegaurd) I was with my father this buck means alot to me since I shot it with my dad I don't get to hunt with him as much as I would like.  Field dressed he weighed right at 180lbs ( so i figured he was close to 200lbs on the hoof). It took me and the guy at the butcher shop to take him in, they said that this was the biggest body buck this year.
Dan Dodson's awesome 23"4x4 blacktail. Taken on the last saturday of the 2004 season  near Ruth Ca.
Who say's Columbian Blacktails do reach impressive size. Another photo of Dan Dodson and his Ruth Lake buck
Very nice Mendocino County blacktail that gross Score in the 50's. 23 1/4'' wide 4 on 5.
Tom Barr took this buck in Marin county during the 2004 season.
These two blacktail bucks were taken in B-zone in 2004 by Joe & Travis Taylor, a 19 inch wide fork, and a nice 3 point.
Mike Thomas killed this this 23 7/8" wide 16" tall Pacific fork in September of the 2004 season on a private ranch in Marin County. The early rut in A-zone was the best in years.
Jed Hiller took this 20 1/4 wide 4x4 during the 2004 season near Watts Lake
Tom Fetzer with a 23 inch wide ,4x4,  Blacktail he took this year in Trinity county
Jeneane Anderson with one of her 2004 Humboldt county public land buck, her sixth in 3 years.
Jeneane Andersone with another beautiful Humboldt county public land blacktail.
Jeneane's husband Bob also scored on a nice public land buck in 2004.
Nick Panagiotopoulos took this awesome blacktail the last weekend of A zone In Mendocino county. The buck has 6 points on each side with an outside spread of 26 5/8 inches. See story for additional details
My son and I shot this buck on opening day of a zone this year. 3X3 on the Hanes ranch outside Boonville in Mendocino County.  Keith Cochrane
Lupe Laguna or "Pete" as he is known on the message board took this nice buck, his first , earlier this year during A-zone.  His family says he has hunted long and hard for his first buck and they are very proud of him. Congratulations Pete!!
25 inch wide 4x4, 143  B&C, killed by Tom Fetzer near Covelo
Dan Barrett, AKA Maddog on the message board, took both of these great bucks in one weekend while hunting near Hopland. Dan had recently had surgery on his shoulder so he had to shoot left handed from a rest made by  one of his friends. The biggest buck is and 18 1/2 inch wide 5x4 with 4 inches eye-guards and the smaller buck is a 16 inch 4x4.
Dwaine Mills and his hunting buddy Glen  took these bucks , a fork and a 3x3, on public land, on opening weekend of the 2004 season in Trinity County
These two bucks were taken in the first two hours of the 2004 season, near Thompson Creek in Humboldt county. This was my first time hunting... the first two hours!  I'm on the left with a nice 4x4 with eyeguards.  My hunting partner is on the right with a large 3x3.  A good time was had by all! Chris Ramey
Todd Flackus took this 22'x19' ,170 lb , 3 point blacktail buck out of Petrolia in 1997.
James Ramsey sent in this picture of his buddy, Josh Campbell, who shot this beautifull 24" by 18" 4x4 at 150 yards in A zone
Tad Thornton shot this buck in Trinity County on 09-22-04 at 7:45a.m. He was only sitting in a meadow for 3 minutes before the buck came walking into view 40 yards away. The pictures tells the rest of the story.
20 1/2" wide  3x3 Blacktail Buck in Mendocino County, California
This buck was taken in 2003 on the last weekend of B-4. He scored just under B&C book. Not sure what the actual weight on the hoof was, but just the four quarters were over 100 pounds on my pack frame. Ryan Mathis, Western Regional Biologist, National Wild Turkey Federation
Aaron Dorsch took this 3 point buck in 2003 in Humboldt County, CA
Andy (left) and Will Lockwood with their 3x3's from 2002.  Andy's buck is 18" wide and Will's is 22" wide.  Both bucks were taken in Mendocino County.
Kevin Smith sent in this photo of a great 5x4 blacktail buck taken in Potter Valley on opening weekend of the 2004 season. He field dressed 132 lbs and was 16" wide.
2004 blacktail taken in Lake County California on private land by Rob Locke.
Beautiful northern California record book blacktail Killed in 2003 in Northern California Scored 135 and 5 / 8. weight in around 200 lb. killed by Ellen J. White
Cork Graham with a nice blacktail buch he took earlier this year on a successful A-zone hunt
David Hamer 's ,19", 3x3 A-zone blacktail
Todd Flackus (left) and Ric Kunes (right) took these 3 , 3 pointers with eyeguards in the Kneeland area, in Humboldt county
Nice Covelo Blacktail
Tony Grech with a high horned 3 point
Jamie Smiths 25 inch Blacktail
Jamie Smith's beautiful non-typical A-zone Blacktail
Jamie Smith's sent in this photo of his friend Tony's exceptional Blacktail
Russell Roach's incredible public land blacktail.  See more of this buck on our High Country Blacktails video.
Doug Gibson with a nice Mendocino County 4x4.  See more of this buck on our High Country Blacktails video.
Steve Pardini with a great Mendocino County blacktail. See more of this buck on our High Country Blacktails video.
142 B&C blacktail taken in Mendocino County. This buck and the following photos were taken at the recent California Deer Association banquet in Calistoga
 150 B&C blacktail from the Calistoga show
This incredible blacktail was taken by David Hopper in Potter Valley in 1941
30 + inch blacktail taken on public land in Mendocion County
A couple unique blacktails on display at the recent CDA show.
154 B&C blacktail taken in Mendocino County. This buck and the following photos were taken at the recent California Deer Association banquet in Calistoga
Jeni Antonio's first buck!
Jerry Thissell's 22 1/ 2 inch wide 3x3
Jerry Thissell's  157 gross B&C Blacktail
Clay Koopman's 2002 buck
Dave Gibson 2001 A-zone  Blacktail
California Field Photo Page #2