Submit your photos of shed horns and picked-up skulls you have found over the years. Click photo's for larger view. (Most recent additions are bordered)
Sheds and Picked-up Skulls

Curt Brace with one of his best sets of matching sheds. Each shed scores over 69 B&C.

Two Different batches of Curt's sheds all scoring between 55-70 gross.

Perfect four point with 3 1/2 inch eye-guard. 70 B&C.

Matched set from the preceding buck found several years later. Regressed but still over 61 each.

Massive 63+ inch shed. Curt found it earlier this year.

Miscellaneous 58-60 inch sheds.


All of these antlers score at least
60 B&C points.

A very freaky skull Curt picked up in Southern Oregon.

Curt found the skull of this exceptional buck that measures 23'' wide and grosses 124.

Consecutive year sheds from the same buck. Curt saw him the next year with drops on both sides but couldn't find his sheds.

Three years of the same buck.
Scores between 54"-59".

Huge 3 pt with eye-guard that officially scores 64 6/8.

Some of Curt's abnormal sheds. Notice the one in the middle.

Great character, heavy and dark.

These sheds all score between 59-60. The angle doesn't show it but the one antler actually has 4 points in the cluster.

Matched set. 61/63 gross, three inch eye-guards. Beautiful buck.

Curt found the left antler two springs before finding the right. They both score in the mid 60's

One of Curts favorite sheds.

Very heavy palmated Blacktail rack found by Ernie Diamond.

Ernie Diamonds incredible collection of Blacktail sheds.

As they lay photos from Ernie Diamond.

Joe Willis with a B&C shed. Click on photo to see more of his collection.

A few sheds found recently by Dave Douglas.

Rod found these sheds west of Willamina, OR in the last week. The odd thing is that none are from this year.

Zeb Molash pictured with a matched set of Columbian Blacktail sheds he found in Washington county, OR. The 9x5's left antler alone scores 88"

Mike Bosito found these sheds recently in Washington.


Combined results of our most recent shed hunt


Autumn with her finds from her first shed hunt.

Autumn with a skull she found her first day out .

Close up of the apparent Coyote kill Autumn found.

Notice the extremely heavy base and extra points.

Matched sheds found by Dave Gibson of a 26 inch 4x4.

Side view of the 4x4 sheds Dave found recently.

Same wide 4x4. He nets approx. 136 B&C


Matching 3x3 sheds found by Doug Gibson.


Sheds and skulls found by Corey Wright. Notice the picked up skulls. These Bucks died after being bound together by temporary fence wire.

Joe Willis picked up these 2 skulls near Ruth Lake in Ca. The 3pt is 20 wide, the 4pt is 23 wide and nets 142 B&C.

Zeb Molash found these perfect 4x4 sheds in Oregon's Trask unit, 30 yards apart. Zeb estimates they would score around 120 B&C.

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