Paul McIntyre's Sitka Blacktail.

The Sitka Blacktail is native to the wet coastal rain forests of southeastern Alaska and north western British Columbia. Its range has been expanded by transplants, and established populations now exist near Yukutat, in Prince William Sound and on Kodiak and Afognak Islands. Sitka Backtails are smaller and stalkier than Columbian blacktails and generally have smaller horns. Very few score more than 110 points on the Boone and Crockett scoring system. With a net score of 108 being required to make the book. Additional information on Alaska's Sitka Blacktails Please read photo requirements before submitting photos
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Prince of Whales Island, 5x4, taken in 2004 by Brad Taylor 2004 sitka blacktail taken by Brad Taylor of Petersburg on his annual POW Island hunt. Hes a nice heavy 5x4, taken on November 7th. 2004. Ken Kirk's 2004 Sitka Blacktail taken on the Queen Charlotte Islands. This was the best Sitka of the trip. David Dawley with a real nice sitks blacktail he took recently in south east Alaska Mark Lundamo of Ketchikan, AK submitted this photo of his trophy class sitka blacktail. His big 4X4 was  taken in 2004 and has an 18 1/4 inch spread.
Kelsey, Garett, Kathleen and Kelly Peterson with first deer of the season with Dad from Sitkalidak Island near Old Harbor on Kodiak Island
Beau Dale sent in this photo of a nice velvet antlered buck he killed earlier this year.
Dave Schmid broke in his 45-70 on this great 5 x 5 sitka blacktail
Davey Brown with his great sitka blacktail. Davey's buck was measured officially by Jim Baichtal. It grosses 119 5/8 and nets 117 7/8 B.C. points.  Even though 13 year old Davey has killed quite a few nice bucks, but he will have a hard time beating this one!
Dave Brown with a very nice sitka blacktail taken near Wrangell Island on a 2004 alpine hunt.
James Baichtal with another  muzzle loader sitka blacktail
Cory Wright of "Cory Wright Taxidermy" took these great Sitka bucks  last year in Prince William Sound
A. Hughes sent in this photo of his friend Cal R. with two bucks taken on Chichagof Island near Hoonah, Alaska on opening day.
Here is a nice Sitka Blacktail harvested by Yvan Corbin of the Anchorage Aces Pro Hockey Team and Art Hughes on August 6, 2004 on Douglas Island near Juneau.
Milan Willard, Kodiak Island Sitka
Jeff had this to say about his first Sitka "This 4 point is my first Sitka Blacktail. It was taken on Aug 1, 2004 ,  gross score 102 B&C. The shot was 125 yds. off hand w/ a .270 Win.(no good rest around) I took a 108 B&C 4 pointer 2 days later at about 175 yds."
Boyd Porter's heavy Sitka Blacktail
Brian Gilbertson's 19 inch wide Sitka
Muskeg Excursions Blacktail
Muskeg Excursions Blacktail
Jim Baichtal's Neck Lake Buck
Jim Baichtal's 103 3/8 Sitka
Jim Baichtal's World Record Sitka
Jim Baichtal's 2001 Baird Peak buck
Jim Baichtal's 112 7/8 Sitka
Jim Baichtal 2001
Jim Baichtal's 1999 Dall Island buck
Jeff Engeles Sitka
James Rowland with an August Sitka
Daves 4 point Sitka
James Rowland
Chuck Pebbles Kodiak Island Blacktail
Terry Rowland's Sitka
Alaskan Sitka Blacktail hunt
Eric Portzline's second "Muskeg Excursions" Sitka
Dave  With James's buck
Muskeg Excursion Sitka
Eric Portzline's Sitka Blacktail
Steve Peters Sitka Blacktail
Andy Ratliff's Sitka buck
Chuck Pebbles big Sitka Blacktail
Trophy class sitka
Terry and Andrew Rowland.
Jim Baichtal's 2001 Sitka