They say a wise hunter is the one who never stops learning. Over the years, there have been countless hunters who’ve hunted deer and knew the strategies that worked. The ones who’ve successfully tracked and hunted the deer have figured out new things about hunting these animals. Sometimes, they seem scientific and associated with the biology of the deer.

They might also seem like observations at times that the expert hunters have made during their hunting expeditions. Many of these facts have been put together in some of the intriguing books on deer hunting. You’ll find such books useful, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned hunter. So, here we present the best three among them:

1. Blacktail Trophy Tactics

Author Boyd Iverson covers everything from ethics of hunters to the best hunting calibers in this book. It has been written specifically about the blacktail deer. The book also contains a section dedicated to still hunting, which is something that many hunters need to improve on.

Boyd inspires you to leave your usual fast-paced life behind and enter the slow-paced life of the forests. He also suggests that blacktail deer hunters must follow the natural pattern of movement that the animal makes. You also get to learn that the hunter must never move faster than an undisturbed deer’s pace.

Blacktail Trophy Tactics also contains valuable tracking tips, stand hunting strategies, and the choice of weapons. The author also gives excellent information on optic choice and how climatic conditions affect your chances of success.

2. Mapping Trophy Bucks

This is one book that’ll completely change the way you perceive deer hunting. Author Brad Herndon describes how to use topographic maps and aerial photos in this book. These are the tools that would improve your chances of success while hunting deer. You’ll be completely in awe upon learning how powerful maps can be.

There are things in this book you’ll never be able to figure out even after years of deer hunting. This book helps new hunters in understanding how to read topographic maps. It goes on to provide details on several aspects such as when and how to hunt deer. If you truly wish to improve your chances of success in the woods, you must definitely get this book.

3. Field and Stream The Total Deer Hunter Manual

Upon reading this book, you’ll get plenty of tips on hunting deer. Authors Dave Hurteau and Scott Bestul provide an excellent overview on hunting deer and how to become a better hunter. The subtitle of this book reads ‘301 essential skills’. All these skills have been explained wonderfully in the pages of this book.

You don’t need to have a significant level of hunting experience in order to understand the book’s content. In fact, every hunter will find something to learn from Field and Stream The Total Deer Hunter Manual. Some of the topics that this book cover include scouting, field dressing, food plots, behavioral studies, and scrapes.

This book is probably one of the most well-rounded books on hunting deer you might’ve ever read. It will be a fantastic guide to those individuals who don’t have an expert hunting mentor. Beginners will find answers to many of their questions in this book that they’re embarrassed to ask.

3 Intriguing Books on Deer Hunting

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